Duterte to send corrupt gov’t employees to conflict-riddled areas

  • President warned corrupt gov’t workers he would send them to Basilan or Jolo
  • He said the reassignment is the consequence of their corrupt acts
  • He is also planning to put up CCTVS inside government offices to curb corruption

MANILA, Philippines – Fed up with rampant corruption in the government, President Rodrigo Duterte warned corrupt government workers he would send them to conflict-riddled areas in Mindanao if they do not mend their ways.

“I am planning to put an extension office of the national government, I plan to put it in Basilan or Jolo. Be my guest, I will be happy to assign you there,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as saying. “When I said that corruption will stop, it will stop. Believe me. To all government employees, don’t embarrass me.”

Aside from the reassignment, Duterte said he is also planning to put up CCTV cameras inside government offices to curb corrupt activities. He said such a measure is perfectly legal since the employees are within the ambit of the government.

“I will place cameras there, like a Gestapo. And it’s perfectly alright for me. Why? This is government. This is not a private enterprise. There is no such thing as a violation of privacy there,” he said. “If you serve in the government, it must be open.”

“Huwag ninyong galawin ang maliit na tao, kasi sila ang nangangailangan ng gobyerno [Do not victimize the ordinary people, because they are in most need of the government],” the president added. “Wala nang pahinga ang tao sa kanyang paghihirap [The people have not gotten a break from their hardships].

Duterte has made reforming the government one of the top priorities of his administration. Aside from cleaning out corruption, the president has directed government agencies to eliminate red tape and provide better services to the public.