Duterte: Yellows plotting my ouster

  • President Duterte accused Liberal Party of planning to unseat him
  • He said they are trying to build a case against him in relation to ongoing drug war
  • He also blasted the previous administration for not factoring in drug issue in 2016 budget

MANILA, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte blasted anew the Liberal Party even as he accused its members of plotting his impeachment.

In his speech before his new appointees, Duterte said the once-dominant LP is behind recent events to discredit and eventually oust him from the presidency. He pointed out that even UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and US President Barack Obama have fallen for the bait set by his opponents.

“Sumakay itong si Obama. Sumakay itong si Ban Ki-Moon. Dito sumakay. Alam mo kung kaninong laro ito? O, ayaw ko nang sabihin. Yellow iyan,” GMA News quoted him as saying.

[Obama rode this issue. Ban Ki-Moon rode this issue. They rode it. Do you know who’s behind this plan. I don’t want to say it, but it’s the Yellow.]

Duterte said the LP is planning to eventually file an impeachment case against him in connection with the ongoing war against drugs.

“They can think that if they can build a case against me, I’ll be impeached… In this quest of mine, I am prepared to lose my honor, my life, and the presidency,” he stressed.

The president also scored the previous administration for not taking into account the drug problem when it crafted the 2016 budget.

“The budget that we are working on now is the budget that was prepared by the Aquino (administration),” he said. “Wala namang nakita doon na [They didn’t see any] danger about drugs because it wasn’t until I became president that the naked truth came out, that we are really a drug country,” he said.


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  1. those that resist change intentionally distort the motives of a pure-intentioned president but they no longer have the opportunity to block his path; instead, they are the ones left to stand on the sidelines shouting frustratedly in the wind of his trail

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