Ex-diplomat says Duterte violated ‘no protocol’ in presenting Moro deaths before ASEAN

  • A former diplomat said Pres. Rodrigo Duterte violated ‘no protocol’ in presenting Moro deaths before ASEAN
  • However, he said that Duterte should be careful next time and remember his position
  • In a brief encounter between Duterte and Obama in Laos, the former said he didn’t used foul language towards him
  • Obama, on the other hand, responded to Duterte’s explanation by telling him: “My men will talk to you,” to which he replied “OK”

Retired Ambassador Lauro Baja Jr. said President Rodrigo Duterte did not break any protocol when he launched into an impromptu tirade on the US’ human rights violations against Moros in the 1900s.

Baja, who is a former permanent representative of the Philippines to the United Nations, said Duterte should not have raised the issue during the ASEAN-East Asia Summit in Vientiane; stressing that it was improper doing it since the international community already knew about it having been reported by the media.

As such, an article published by GMA News Online mentioned that Baja disclosed that as per diplomatic practice of moving forward, it is likely that the consequences of Duterte’s strong statements would be “temporary”; adding  that it was, however, inevitable for it to affect officials who directly interact with the US government.

In stressing that, Baja said Duterte should be careful next time and remember his position.

“Whatever he says will have some implications on the Filipinos, on the Philippines as a country. He must remember that he is the head of government and head of state already, not a Davao mayor or a Cabinet minister or whatever,” Baja was quoted saying.

According to Pres. Duterte, he disregarded a prepared intervention speech, and instead, presented before the ASEAN-EA Summit pictures of slain Moros in Mindanao in the 1900s.

Report noted it was confirmed that Obama was in the meeting that time.

Based on reports, the US president went around to shake hands with leaders of the member-nations before leaving the room — except for Duterte.

Prior to that, Duterte’s tirade came after his brief encounter with Obama prior to the ASEAN gala dinner, where they shook hands.

The gesture was seen to settle matters after the Philippine president’s controversial pre-departure speech in Manila, where he stated nobody could lecture him about extrajudicial killings and human rights, including Obama.

The White House cancelled Duterte’s bilateral meeting with Obama, supposedly scheduled on Tuesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, an article published by Time stated that in a brief encounter of the two leaders in Laos, the Philippine President told President Barack Obama that he hadn’t used foul language towards him.

Speaking to the Filipino community in Indonesia, Duterte told the group what he said to Obama during their brief encounter at the ASEAN Summit: “President Obama, I’m President Duterte. I never made that statement, check it out.”

Obama, on the other hand, reportedly responded to Duterte’s explanation by telling him: “My men will talk to you”; to which he replied, “OK.”