Ex-US envoy said Fil-Ams worried with Duterte’s jabs, reminds president of US aid to PH

  • Former PH ambassador said Fil-Ams and American investors worried with Duterte’s rhetoric
  • He said they are asking if Duterte’s statements means he is anti-American
  • He pointed to America’s aid to PH through the years, is advising gov’t to iron issues with US

MANILA, Philippines – The country’s former ambassador to the United States revealed that some Filipino-Americans are worried about President Rodrigo Duterte’s rhetoric directed at America.

In an interview with ABS-CBN, Jose Cuisia said he has been receiving a lot of e-mails from the Filipino-American community asking whether Duterte is anti-American due to his statements.

“I’m getting emails asking me: What is the purpose of the President doing that? Why is he doing that? Does he have anti-American feelings?’ This is coming from Filipino-Americans. They are of course at a loss, too,” he said.

Cuisia said American investors are also asking the same question.

“Some of their investors are raising questions, some of their members are raising questions because they are investors in this country: Is this government turning anti-American?” he said.

Saying he disagreed with Duterte’s decision to nix joint patrols in the West Philippine Sea and his call for the removal of US troops in Mindanao, Cuisia reminded the president of America’s aid to the country through the years.

When you look at what the US provided us over the past six years, it’s been quite substantial and you have to appreciate that,” he said. “We should keep in mind that the US has been a valuable partner of the Philippines. They provided us cutter [ships], radio equipment to allow better monitoring in the West Philippine Sea. We also have many OFWs in the US.”

Cuisia also advised the government to iron things out with the US, saying having differences does not necessarily mean they can’t get along.

“I want to know what he means on the independent foreign policy. Again, we do not agree with the US in everything. Even we are partners; you have differences. When you have a concern with a partner, you should discuss it,” he said.