‘Fashionista’ barangay captain directs traffic in Quezon City

  • A barangay captain in Quezon City has turned heads as she manages traffic on her heels
  • Barangay Captain Bong Cosio San Miguel directs traffic in style during the morning rush hour
  • She says after managing traffic, she immediately heads to work

The Philippines has had its fair share of traffic enforcers in funny costumes or dancing to the beat of the latest music but a barangay captain in Quezon City is now turning heads as she directs traffic on the streets of her community while literally wearing her heels.

Barangay Captain Bong Cosio San Miguel of Barangay Mariana has decided to help in managing the busy intersection along Aurora Boulevard by taking matters into her own hands. For more than a week now, she has volunteered to help steer traffic.

“I talked to my whole council, the whole barangay, pati tanod, lupon, kagawad [including the watchmen, arbiters, council members], c’mon we have to help. We have to help so for a week, 5 o’clock we start waking up,” she told GMA News.

And while she dons her safety vest and a whistle, Barangay Captain San Miguel, managed to do her job in style. She has maintained her “fashionista” look even as she sternly warns traffic violators and keeps a close eye on motorists passing along her community during the morning rush hour.

She explains that after her stint on the streets are over, she immediately goes to work at the barangay hall, thus she decided to come in early already all made up.

“From here, I go straight to the office and I have to meet other people. Diretso na makeup ko, lipstick ko [I already have my makeup on, my lipstick]. And then I just, you know, do some cleaning up in the barangay and then start working again,” she said.

Her work for her community has earned praises not just among motorists, but also with the Quezon City Department of Public Order and Safety, who admit that they lack manpower to manage the busy streets during the rush hour.

It definitely helps that in the middle of getting caught in the headache that is traffic, someone can still manage to keep her poise, grace, and style.

Source :

GMA News, YouTube