Gary Granada’s guitar up for bids to pay for legal fees, other projects

  • Pinoy musician Gary Granada is bidding his guitar out so he can pay the legal fees of a copyright case, other projects
  • Bids start out at P25 thousand pesos, so he can continue defending himself for a case filed by a TV Network against him
  • Netizens pledged to help Granada, say his story shows the sad state of Filipino Music

How heartbreaking is it for a musician to part with his guitar – which he considers as his most treasured possession?

This bitter reality may just happen to Pinoy musician Gary Granada, who posted a sentimental video on Facebook, in an effort to sell his guitar.

In his post, Granada said he is putting his guitar on auction to raise some funds for some projects, but mainly to continue defending himself in court because of a libel case filed against him by broadcasting giant GMA Network.

Image capture of post on Facebook
Image capture of post on Facebook

This issue stemmed from way back 2009 when Granada accused GMA Network of violating intellectual property rights for rejecting his study for a jingle, but eventually using it for a project by the Kapuso Foundation. The network charged him with libel.

Granada said the case was already dismissed by the Court of Appeals but he is preparing himself should GMA Network elevate it to the Supreme Court. In an earlier statement, GMA Network has firmly said that they did not infringe on Granada’s rights.

Thus, to make ends meet, Granada is auctioning his guitar. He said bids start at 25 thousand pesos, and that the guitar comes with a hard case and can be claimed in Quezon City or Baguio City. However, he said that there is no need for monetary donations.

Outpouring support from netizens and supporters immediately came in after his post in social media; saying that his story is a testament of the story state of Pinoy music. Several composers and singers have complained in the past because musical talent has often been taken for granted in the entertainment industry.

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