Heart Evangelista discloses what she talked about with Pres. Duterte

  • Heart Evangelista met President Rodrigo Duterte, whom she described as ‘parang hindi siya presidente’
  • She shared that they talked about her paintings and being an actress
  • The president asked her in jest  to paint The Last Supper but with a special twist

MANILA, Philippines – Heart Evangelista had the opportunity to meet and talk to President Rodrigo Duterte recently.

She gushed over their meeting on her Instagram account and she described what happened as ‘pretty awesome’.

In an interview with GMA News, the actress described the president as ‘parang hindi siya presidente’ (he doesn’t seem like a president).

“He was very, very kind. I didn’t expect him to be so very sweet, soft-spoken. He’s funny and very gracious. It was very normal. In the beginning, I was very nervous to meet him. Who gets to meet the President like that? But it was very casual. He was very normal. I appreciated it,” she shared.

Heart also revealed that she was able to talk about her paintings with the president. In fact, she shared on her Instagram account a photo of herself showing her artworks to the president.

Aside from being an actress, Heart also made a career as a painter. In fact, she expanded her ‘Love Marie’ paintings from a canvas to a handbag and earlier this September, she opened her first-ever exhibit of the hand-painted Hermes bags she had worked on.

She shared that President Duterte encouraged her to continue painting and being an actress and asked her in jest to paint The Last Supper but with a special twist.

“He joked about me painting The Last Supper, pero ibahin ko daw ang hitsura ni Judas (but I should change Judas’ face). Gawin ko raw guwapo naman (He asked me to make Judas handsome). Something like that. Titignan ko kung kaya ko ‘yun (I’ll try if I can do it). Medyo madugo ‘yun (It’s going to be a little hard)”, she said.

She promised that she will definitely give President Duterte one of her paintings, but she’s not sure if it’s going to be The Last Supper.