Hero labrador saves kid from choking, gets nominated for an award

  • A labrador saves a six-year-old girl from dying due to choking 
  • Baxter worked hard to turn the attention of his master to her daughter who was having a seizure under the sheets
  • Baxter is now nominated as Animal of the Year in the annual Animal Hero Awards

Here’s another story of a hero dog that would surely warm your heart.

Baxter the labrador saved the life of his master’s daughter who was just about to die from choking in a seizure.

“If it hadn’t been for Baxter, I don’t know what would have happened,” Amanda Goodman said in a feature by the Daily Mirror.

Apparently, Amanda’s six-year-old daughter Olivia was having a seizure and was choking on her vomit.

She did not notice it because Olivia was under a cover that kept her warm since she was sent home early for being sick.

“Baxter began barking, which isn’t like him, ” Amanda narrated.

“I told him to be quiet because I didn’t want him to wake Olivia but instead he got louder,” she continued.

Baxter then took the initiative and pulled the covers off Olivia. There, Amanda saw that her daughter was in distress.

Olivia was brought to the Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth university Hospital where she was confined for one night. She had recovered from the seizure since.

In honor of his heroism, Baxter will be one of the pets that were nominated in the Animal Hero Awards. He was nominated under the Animal of the Year category.

The awards is an annual project of the Daily Mirror, in partnership with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.