How a netizen outsmarted a taxi driver who charged them P3,600 for NAIA-Cubao trip

  • A taxi driver and a barker tried to charge a netizen P3,600 for a trip from NAIA to Cubao
  • Along the way, the netizen thought of a plan to outsmart them
  • Apparently, the plan was successful, according to the sharer

MANILA, Philippines – A quick-thinking netizen shared on Facebook how she successfully outsmarted a scheming taxi driver who tried to fool them into paying P3,600 on a trip from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 to Cubao in Quezon City.

In a Facebook post, Janine Jennilyn said she and her brother boarded a cab at NAIA after a man (caller) offered them they need to pay only the regular fare.

However, once their luggage were placed inside the compartment, they were surprised that the barker also quickly hopped in to the taxi beside the driver and sped off without saying any word.

Their suspicions were confirmed when halfway through the agreed journey, the driver stopped the vehicle and negotiated for a P3,600 fare, which, understandably, shocked them both.

Fearing that it would be useless to argue with the two men who may hurt or assault them if they refused, she decided to accede; although the sharer said she had something else in mind.

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