Indonesian President: Duterte gave go signal to execute Mary Jane Veloso

  • President Rodrigo Duterte has allegedly given the go signal to the Indonesian government to execute Pinay Mary Jane Veloso, who has been in death row for carrying heroin in Yogyakarta
  • This information was divulged by Indonesian President Joko Widodo as reported by the Jakarta Post
  • Mary Jane Veloso has always maintained her innocence, saying that she was only duped into carrying the heroin in her suitcase

President Rodrigo Duterte has given Indonesia the green light to execute Pinay OFW Mary Jane Veloso, according to a report by The Jakarta Post.

The report quotes Indonesian President Joko Widodo saying that the Philippine President has given the go signal to the Indonesian government to go ahead and proceed with the execution. Duterte and Widodo were seen together during the ASEAN Leaders’ Summit in Vientiane, Laos last week.

While President Duterte has been known for his tough stance against crime and drugs, netizens were still shocked upon learning the news. They did not expect that the war against drugs will reach this far.

Mary Jane Veloso is a Pinay OFW who was arrested in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in April 2010 for trying to smuggle 2.6 kilograms of heroin in her suitcase. She has been put in death row in October 2010, but did not catch much media attention until April last year when she was scheduled for execution.

Prior to her scheduled execution, there was wide public outcry to save her life. Former Vice President Jejomar Binay and boxing champion Manny Pacquiao appealed to Widodo to stop her execution. Rallies were held in Metro Manila to put pressure to the Indonesian government.

Veloso has maintained that she is innocent and was only duped by a neighbor and recruiter who allegedly put the illegal substances in her suitcase. The Indonesian government saved her life at the last minute, to give way to legal procedures being pursued in the Philippines.

The Duterte Administration has pushed for reinstating death penalty for drug traffickers in the Philippines.However, Malacanang is yet to confirm this report about Veloso.

President Duterte has earlier refused to answer media questions if he talked to Widodo about Veloso. On the other hand, Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay told media that Veloso is put out of the death row indefinitely.


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