Instagram favorite: Love from followers gives warmth to the life of a featherless lovebird

  • 23-year-old Isabella Eisenmann saw a social media post about a featherless lovebird needing a home
  • Eisenmann adopted the birdie, which is now famous on Instagram as Rhea, The Naked Bird
  • Eisenmann got surprised on how social media users show their care to the featherless birdie

Birds usually catch the eyes of people with their beautiful and colorful feathers. But now, a featherless lovebird is touching the hearts of Instagram users despite what is lacking in her.

In an article written by Elzbieta of Bored Panda, it was disclosed that when 23-year-old Isabella Eisenmann saw a social media post about a featherless lovebird, Rhea, needing a home, she decided to help. She adopted the bird and gave it a home filled with love and care.

And now, the thousands of social media users is falling in love with Rhea, The Naked Bird, which has become very famous on Instagram. Some of them are even sending customized bird sweaters.

It was disclosed that the sweaters, aside from making Rhea even cuter, also keep her warm. To note, the birdie has Psittacine, a beak and feather disease. In severe cases this disease can even cause the birds to lose their claws and beaks. Luckily, Rhea has only a mild form of this condition and doesn’t need anything than an annual blood test.

Eisenman said she has accepted Rhea and loves her for what she is.

“Acceptance is key and no matter how different you are physically, you are still beautiful; that’s what I want people to learn from her. Always smile, be happy and have a positive attitude,” the kind-hearted owner said.

Meanwhile, Rhea has also been receiving a lot of messages of love and admiration from Instagram users.

“She is too freakin precious. And you take such good care of her,” said Instagram user @so_faded_17.

“When you read the majority of 473+ messages (in languages I can) for an account that isn’t yours, because you know that it’s gonna be happy vibes everywhere! The whole world is blessed to have you Rhea! Muah,” commented @memyselfandive.

“She is seriously the cutest thing ever! I look forward to her pictures/videos everyday!” wrote @corinnemarie26.

As of posting, Rhea’s Instagram page already has more than 90,000 followers.