Intelligence comes from your mother, says new study

  • A new study confirms that the intelligence trait comes from the mother
  • It said that there are conditioned genes, which can only be activated depending on the source
  • Intelligence is in the X chromosome and can only be activated if it comes from the mother

Researchers, in a new study, again confirmed that the intelligence genes really come from mothers.

Their conclusion was based on the nature of intelligence genes as being conditioned genes.

In the research featured in Good Housekeeping, it explained that these conditioned genes can be active or not; depending on where they came from. For example, if a gene trait came from your mother or your father, the one coming from your mother will be the only one activated or vice-versa.

One of these genes is the intelligence gene, which is passed to an offspring from the mother through the chromosome X. Women carry two chromosomes unlike men who carry only one.

Even if you get intelligence trait from your father, it won’t be activated so you’ll still get the trait from your mother’s X chromosome.

There have been several studies linking intelligence as a maternal hereditary trait.

In 1996, The Independent featured a study that revealed that smart boys got their wits from their mothers.

The study also said that intelligence can be found in the X chromosome.

“Any mutation on the X chromosome has more effect on a man than a woman because a woman inherits X chromosomes from both her parents, which tends to dilute the gene’s impact,” The Independent previously wrote.

So since a male child inherits the X from the mother and the Y from the father, there are likelier chances that it will mutate, making the traits in the X chromosome more predominant.

But while genetics is a main consideration, a study from the University of Minnesotta said that a bonding time between a child and his mother is also crucial in developing the potential.

Now that’s worth remembering!