Japan train driver pees on track, train operator apologizes

  • A Japan train driver was reported for peeing over the rails
  • The train operator apologized for giving distrust and uneasiness to their passengers
  • The driver reportedly didn’t want to delay the trip by going to the comfort room

Japanese train operator JR East has apologized after a driver urinated over the railway track while on duty.

According to an article published by Philippine Daily Inquirer, Japanese media reported that the driver, who is in his 50’s, felt an urge to pee but he did not want to delay the trip by going to the comfort room.

When the train stopped at Sakura station in Chiba, he opened the cabin door away from the platform and urinated over the rails.

However, someone saw what he did and reported him to the train operator

“We deeply apologize for giving distrust and uneasiness to our customers. Taking this case sincerely, we will provide thorough instruction and never repeat similar incidents,” JR East said.

Furthermore, the company reportedly instructed the driver to go to the comfort room if necessary. It is unclear if the company will punish him for what he did.

This is the second time this month that a train driver in Japan caught the attention of the media.

A bullet train driver has been suspended after he was photographed with his feet up while operating the bullet train bound for Shin-Osaka from Tokyo

According to an article published by Japan Times, a spokesman for the bullet train operator Central Japan Railways Company revealed that the driver admitted that he stretched his legs out on the dashboard for about 10 seconds because his feet was tired.

The spokesman assured that there was no danger to the 320 passengers aboard the bullet train at that time.

“Shinkansen are equipped with an automatic control system that manages speed and the distance between trains,” he said.