Journalist shares audio clip of Widodo saying Duterte told him to ‘go ahead’ if they want to proceed with Veloso’s execution

  • Journalist shared raw audio clip of Widodo’s recollection of conversation with Duterte
  • He said Widodo recalled explaining to Duterte the circumstances of Veloso’s case
  • Duterte then told Widodo they can go ahead and proceed with her execution if it’s warranted

MANILA, Philippines – A journalist who covered Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s statements about Mary Jane Veloso has shared a raw audio clip detailing his conversation with President Rodrigo Duterte.

On his Facebook, ABC Indonesia/South East Asia correspondent Adam Harvey released the audio clip detailing Widodo’s recollection of his conversation with Duterte.

According to Harvey, the clip — which is in Indonesian — shows that Widodo remembered Duterte as giving him the go-signal to proceed with Veloso’s execution:

And here’s the relevant Jokowi translation with timecodes (thank you Archicco Guiliano)

0020 president Duterte said, please go ahead if you want to execute 0024

Journalist: how about the legal process?

0038 attorney general will handle it, but that’s what President Duterte said

Some commenters also translated the rest of the audio clip:

I told him that she carried 2.6 kilogram heroin and I told him about the reasons for the delay of her execution. President Duterte then said ‘Please go ahead’ if you want to execute her.

Harvey also told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that the audio clip was taken during Widodo’s press conference outside the Banten Grand Mosque in Serang, Banten province on the occasion of the Eid al-Adha.

Earlier, the Department of Foreign Affairs through Secretary Perfecto Yasay denied that Duterte gave the green light for Veloso’s execution as stated by the Jakarta Post.

“Yasay clarified further that never did Duterte give the green light to the execution of Veloso other than to tell the Indonesian President that he respects their judicial processes and will accept whatever the final decision they will arrive at regarding her case,” the DFA said.