Man proposes to girl with 999 pomelos, gets ‘friendzoned’, but she keeps the fruit and gives them away

  • A man bought 999 pomelos which he used in proposing to the girl he loves
  • The girl, however, ‘friendzoned him’ but asked to keep the fruit
  • In the end, the dejected boy left and the crowd feasted with the pomelos
Image from Xinhua News
Image from Xinhua News

He got rejected. She kept the fruit. The crowd took them home.

A young man in China bought 999 pomelos to impress the girl he loves. He took them to A crowded shopping center in Guangzhou, arranged the fruits into a giant heart-shape and waited for the girl to arrive.

The university student, who was not named, previously arranged to meet the girl at the area where he planned a public confession of his love for her.

When she came with her friends, a crowd had already gathered around, waiting patiently for the momentous episode of romance.

With a microphone in hand, the young man was quoted as bravely asking: “I have liked you since the first day that we met, and now I want everyone to know that I like you.” (Find out her answer in the next page)