Maria Ozawa cries foul after BI employee leaked her photo on FB and said “she’s not that pretty”

  • Maria Ozawa took to Facebook to share her disappointment with an Immigration employee who leaked her photo and passport on Facebook
  • The employee also told a commenter on her post that Ozawa is “not that pretty”
  • Ozawa is now contemplating to file a complaint for violating her privacy

MANILA, Philippines – Japanese adult video (AV) actress and model Maria Ozawa shared her disappointment on Facebook after a Bureau of Immigration (BI) employee leaked her photo and passport on the internet without her permission.

Ozawa narrated a friend warned that her privacy may have been violated and brought her attention to a circulating ID photo of hers posted on Facebook by a female BI employee named Armee Camzon.

Camzon captioned her post: “I bet you know this girl”.

Ozawa said she was both mad and sad after seeing the post her friend earlier referred to.

“This is very wrong. Immigration is a place where people TRUST and give their private accounts, details and look what she’s done to my privacy…Posting it on her social media,” Ozawa wrote.

“I LOVE this country and I’m doing my VERY best to stay here for good but how can I stay here for good when people like this really exist? How I’m I supposed to trust people?” she said.

In the comment section of the said post, Camzon told a friend that Ozawa dropped by their office to process the latter’s working visa.

But when asked whether Ozawa is still that “pretty” considering that she’s already in her 30s, Camzon replied:  “Hindi nga eh wahahaha oops” (Not really).

Ozawa called Camzon’s action as “bastos” (inappropriate) and said she could probably understand if it was just someone she knew or some random people posting her photo on social media.

She’s also contemplating whether to file a complaint but admitted the episode made her ‘sad and depressed.’

“My managers already know about this sad incident so I will leave it up to them but it’s just too sad and depressing I had to share it with you guys,” Ozawa said.

Read her full post HERE.

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