Mariel Rodriguez flies to US to give birth, says goodbye to husband Robin Padilla

  • Mariel Rodriguez flew to the US to give birth
  • Her husband, Robin Padilla, said that Mariel’s delicate condition is the reason why they opted for her to give birth in the US
  • Robin won’t be there when Mariel gives birth because he’s unable to obtain a US visa

To make sure that she gets the best healthcare for the last trimester of her pregnancy until she gives birth in November, Mariel Rodriguez and her husband, Robin Padilla, have decided that it would be best if she gives birth in the US.

Mariel, an American citizen, flew to the US on Friday, September 23. Unfortunately, Robin won’t be there for her when she gives birth because he’s unable to obtain a US visa.

She posted on her Instagram account a photo of herself and Robin on a date before she left.

She wrote: “thank you for insisting we go on a date one more time… before we see each other again”

In another post, she shared a photo of them sharing a sweet kiss as they said goodbye.

She said that what they’re doing is all for the sake of their baby girl, Isabella. She promised that she will tell their daughter how much her dad loves her.

As for Robin, he took to Instagram to extend his gratitude to the staff and crew of Cathay Pacific who assisted Mariel.

Mariel suffered two miscarriages last year.

Image from Mariel Rodriguez Instagram account
Image from Mariel Rodriguez Instagram account

Her first miscarriage was in March last year when she was eight weeks and three days pregnant. She suffered another miscarriage in August wherein she lost her triplet.

For her third pregnancy, she’s undergoing heparin treatment to increase her chances of giving birth.

Her delicate condition is the main reason why they opted for her to give birth in the US.

As per an ABS-CBN News story, Robin clarified in previous interviews that it doesn’t mean that they think that our country’s healthcare system can’t handle Mariel’s condition but the US is more advanced when it comes to medical technology.

“Huwag na natin hintayin na nandiyan ang problema bago tayo aaksyon. Nandoon na eh kaya mas pinili namin na doon siya para naka-stand by ang lahat,” he added.

[Let’s not wait for the problem before we take an action. Everything is there already so we chose that she gives birth there.]