Mayor Sara Duterte loses two of her unborn triplets

  • Mayor Sara Duterte lost two of the triplets in her womb
  • She said the doctors still don’t know what caused the fetal deaths
  • She said doctors won’t be extracting the two fetuses from her womb because this might affect the last surviving fetus

Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, popularly called Inday Sara by the Davaoeños, revealed the sad news that she lost two of the triplets in her womb.

According to an article published by ABS-CBN News, Inday Sara revealed at the turn-over ceremonies of Task Force Davao on Thursday, September 8, that two of her unborn triplets didn’t have heartbeats anymore.

“Lunes, buong araw iyak ako ng iyak (I cried all day last Monday). I lost my identical twins. Nag-arrest na heartbeat sa identical twins (The identical twins didn’t have heartbeats anymore) but one is still fighting,” she said.

She added that the doctors cannot say yet what caused the sudden death but they won’t be extracting the two fetuses from her womb because doing so might affect the third fetus who is fighting for survival.

“Dili because naa pa isa e. So dili nila puwede tandugun because maaapektuhan ang isa. So pasagdan lang sila,” she said.

[No, not yet because the other one is still alive. They cannot remove the two because the other one will be affected. They will just leave them there.]

Many netizens are speculating that the presidential daughter lost her babies due to the stress brought about by the bombing in Davao, especially since one of the 14 people who died, was her private duty nurse when she was hospitalized last July.

Inday Sara revealed that she was pregnant with triplets last month and even blasted Dr. Raquel del Rosario-Fortun who accused her of using her pregnancy as a PR stunt for her father, President Rodrigo Duterte.

Fortun advised her not to rejoice over her seven-week pregnancy just yet.

“Too early to rejoice over 7-weeker lalo na [especially] triplets. Wait for delivery and spare oneself from heartache. PR for Lolo?” she wrote on her Facebook page.