[Updated] Meet the first ever Pinoy police officer in UAE; he’s from Zamboanga

  • A Zamboangeño became the first-ever Pinoy police in the UAE
  • He has been with the Abu Dhabi police force for the last 4 years
  • He once worked at a travel agency

Johnray Cerna’s story as the first-ever Pinoy police in UAE was featured on the website The News Flash Today.

According to RC Simon, who wrote the story, Cerna works for the Abu Dhabi police – the largest in the country – and had been in the service for the last 4 years.

The 44-year-old Cerna hails from Zamboanga City. He graduated from Mindanao Sulu State College with a degree of Business Management.

He was also previously employed as a travel agency manager and a salesman before deciding to join the Abu Dhabi police force.

One of the major qualifications that landed him the job in UAE is his being able to read, write and speak Arabic fluently.

Cerna advises his fellow ‘kababayans’, as well as other nationalities, to get acquainted with the local laws and customs of the emirates to keep them out of trouble with the authorities.

He has been in the United Arab Emirates since 2006 and is currently living in Ajman; one of the 7 emirates of UAE in the northern part.

Kudos to you, kababayan!


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