Mocha Uson to Pres. Duterte: Please boycott the media again

  • Mocha Uson urged Pres. Duterte to boycott the media again
  • She said that the media is destroying the image of the President and our country
  • She added that many Duterte Diehard Supporters share her thoughts

MANILA, Philippines – After the issue came up that the media had allegedly misquoted President Rodrigo Duterte and made it look like he was insulting US President Barack Obama, loyal Duterte supporter Mocha Uson urged the Philippine president to once again boycott the media.

On her Facebook page, Mocha Uson Blog, the lead vocalist of the all-female singing and dancing group Mocha Girls, alleged the media is destroying the image of the president.

She wrote: “Mr. President, pls boycott the media again. Sinisira nila ang iyong imahe para sa kanilang pangsariling interes at pinapapangit ang imahe ng ating bayan sa ibang bansa. Marami pong mga ka-DDS na nagco-comment po na sana po ay iboycott niyo po uli ang mga BASTOS NA BAYARANG MEDIA.”

[Mr. President, please boycott the media again. They are destroying your image for their own interest and they are also destroying the image of our nations to the other countries. There are a lot of Duterte Diehard Supporters who are commenting that they are hoping you will boycott the disrespectful and paid media.]

Initially, the President announced in an interview with Uson before his inauguration that he would boycott the media until the end of his term because the media goes for sensationalism.

Manila Bulletin quoted him as saying: “Media is always asking for fairness and correctness, but they are the ones corrupting the institutions.”

He decided to hold interviews and disclose official statements through government-run TV network, PTV4.

However, on August 1, the president ended his media boycott when he spoke to members of the media and held the first press briefing in Malacañang.

After leading the mass oath-taking of several appointed government officials at the Rizal Hall of Malacañang Palace, he went over to the media area and gave a go signal for a first press briefing with them.



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  1. COL TO MOCHA USON, many do not support your views. I certainly don’t.
    The media has a role to play. It is not the media that encourages him to swear. He has a foul mouth. He has to take ethics classes as well as Diplomacy 101. Period.
    It is only him to blame. You people have no idea what damage he has done to our country and to all those OFWs when he insulted the US people can twist his words but at the end of the day, it was him that made those comments.
    How he constructed those words is his doing. And if he meant something else then he better take language classes again.

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