Need help with government documents? Answers are now available at your fingertips

  • FormsPH is a mobile app that provides information on all government services, its requirements and procedure
  • It also includes contact information of government offices and may be used offline
  • The app was developed by 21-year-old PolSci graduate Kemuel Clyde Belderol

Being a responsible taxpaying citizen in the Philippines is never without the accompanying headache. Processing government documents is usually associated with long lines and often confusing requirements and instructions.

In his frustration over basic government services, 21-year-old Political Science graduate, Kemuel Clyde Belderol, decided to take matters into his own hands and developed a mobile app to bring even the slightest convenience in dealing with government services.

FormsPH, Belderol’s brain child, is described in Google Play Store as an app that provides general information on the requirements and procedures on government documents such as a Philippine passport, NSO birth certificate, NBI clearance, business permit, etc.

The app also includes contact information of government offices and agencies.

The information were taken from key government websites and collated for the users’ convenience.

“What’s difficult with government documents is that there’s little in the way of consistency, such as passport application in Luzon and Mindanao – where you can only book online if you’re going to apply for it in Luzon,” Belderol told Rappler; sharing that an argument between him and his mom about requirements and procedures for renewing a passport led into the development of the app.

“My goal with this app is to show people that these problems we often take for granted can be solved,” he added.

Belderol hopes to further improve the app’s services and welcomes feedback and suggestions.

“My dream is for a mobile app for every local government unit or city. If I lived in Quezon City, there would be a mobile app specifically for citizens of QC. So government policies, class suspension announcements, government departments and where to find them, taxing mechanism, the budget, who are the officials, mayor’s plans, how to get a mayor’s permit, business permit, etc. Now that would be something,” he said.

The app is now available for download and can be used offline.