New drug matrix containing celebrities’ names in NCRPO’s hands, up for validation

  • NCRPO said it is in possession of drug matrix containing the names of celebrities
  • Matrix still in the process of validation
  • NCRPO chief said it will be up to Duterte and Dela Rosa to release the matrix

MANILA, Philippines – National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) director Chief Supt. Oscar Albayade said they are currently validating a new drug matrix containing the names of celebrities purportedly connected with the illegal drug trade.

Albayade told GMA News that the names came from drug suspects who have been apprehended. He added that the release of the matrix would depend on the decision of President Rodrigo Duterte and Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa.

Albayade also revealed that many celebrities have undergone voluntary drug tests and submitted their results to the PNP. He encouraged networks to have their artists and employees undergo tests in coordination with the police.

The most famous celebrity to have been arrested for alleged involvement in illegal drugs is DJ Karen Bordador along with her boyfriend Emilio Lim.

According to the Southern Police District (SPD)’s Anti-Illegal Drugs Division, Bordador and Lim have given a list of their clients—some of whom are well-known actors, models and celebrities.

Earlier, Duterte stalwart Robin Padilla appealed to authorities not to release the names of celebrities who are drug users—pushers excluded—and instead suggested a dialogue to sort their problems out.

“These people are taxpayers, and they also obey the law. I’m sure that whatever mistakes they might have committed could be sorted out in a more diplomatic way,” he said. “I am not talking about the pushers—they don’t have a place in this industry. I’m more concerned about the users, because I know that they are the victims here.”