New GMA show ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ draws criticism on social media for “ripping-off” American TV series ‘Arrow’

  • GMA Network is accused of imitating the US TV series ‘Arrow’ with their new primetime show ‘Alyas Robin Hood’
  • Arrow actor Stephen Amell got wind of the controversy and shared the teaser of ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ with a shocked emoji as caption
  • GMA creative consultant Suzette Doctolero clarified that the network’s new series is inspire by the tale of Robin Hood and not from the TV show Arrow

After the release of a teaser trailer of GMA Network’s new primtime series, ‘Alyas Robin Hood’, a controversial poster made rounds on social media as the receiving end of the public’s ire. People have commented that the show was an obvious “knock-off” of CW’s series ‘Arrow’ based on a DC superhero called Green Arrow.

Image from Alyas Robin Hood Facebook page
Image from Alyas Robin Hood Facebook page

It was also pointed out by Facebook users that same elements, such as the hood and the arrow as seen in the poster, were allegedly copied from the ‘Arrow’ poster, accusing the network of being a copycat for imitating the American series.

However, the creator of the poster, Lionheartv, clarified that it was a fan-made art “intended to add visual and not to confuse as the real series poster.”

There was so much noise being made in social media about the alleged copying that even Hollywood actor and Arrow main cast Stephen Amell took notice.

On his Facebook page, Amell shared the Alyas Robin Hood trailer with a  shocked emoji for a caption. Comments from Filipino fans flooded the post expressing their embarrassment over the local series ripping-off the popular TV show.

GMA’s concept developer and creative consultant Suzette Doctolero weighed in on the controversy through Facebook, as per an article published by PEP.

Doctolero shared that the network’s new show was inspired by the classic tale of Robin Hood, which she pointed out was also the basis for the CW series.

She also explained that  the story of Robin Hood is a public domain which allows writers and creators to draw inspiration from the folklore.
“Unless po ang akala nyong title ay alias arrow? Na hindi naman kasi ito ay alias robinhood na ibang iba ang kwento kaysa sa arrow though the character of both ay mula sa robinhood,” Doctolero said.

[Unless you thought the title was ‘Alias Arrow’, which it is not because it’s ‘Alias Robin Hood’. The story is very different from Arrow though the character of both were based from Robin Hood.]