North Korean vice premier executed for ‘not sitting up straight’ at a parliament meeting

  • A North Korean vice premier was reportedly executed for ‘slouching’ during a parliament meeting
  • He was allegedly executed by firing squad on the orders of leader Kim Jong-un
  • Two other officials were also banished for their failures in their respective jobs

A North Korean vice premier was reportedly executed for “disrespectful manner” after he was caught ‘slouching’ during a meeting with the parliament presided by leader Kim Jong Un two months ago.

According to a South Korean official, vice premier for education Kim Yong Jin was ordered executed by firing squad in July after ‘sleeping’ and ‘not keeping his posture upright at a public meeting.

The 63-year-old official was reportedly investigated being an anti-revolutionary element before he was sent to the firing squad.

Two other high-ranking officials were similarly reprimanded for other violations, in yet another series of absurd and shocking punishments carried out by Kim Jong-un on his erring officials.

Reuters said Kim Yong Chol, the 71-year-old head of North’s United Front Department responsible for handling inter-Korea affairs, was punished for his “overbearing demeanor”. He was sent to a rural farm for a month for re-education until August.

Another ruling party official in the propaganda department, 62-year-old Choi Hwi, was supposedly meted with similar punishment in May, South Korea’s Unification Ministry spokesman Jeong Joon-hee has confirmed to Reuters.

Although news of this kind coming from the reclusive state is very hard to verify because of government blackout on international media, Jeong said they received the reports from a very reliable source.

However, the South Korean official declined to provide more details.

Last year, former defense minister, Hyun Yong Chol, was also reported executed for disobeying the regime.

The news came after North Korea’s deputy ambassador in London defected to South Korea last month, dealing an embarrassing blow to Kim Jong  Un’s oppressive government.