People trapped after building collapses in Israel

  • A building construction has collapsed in Tel Aviv, Israel
  • At least 15 people were trapped, but authorities feared there could be more
  • Investigators initially blamed the collapse to a fallen construction crane, but are also looking at the possibility of a structural failure

A building has reportedly collapsed in Tel Aviv in Israel on Monday, September 5, trapping at least 15 people including 5 workers.

The structure, which is said to be a four-story parking building under contruction at the Ramat Hahayal quarter, collapsed on Monday morning. Eighteen (18) people were also injured while at least 15 are still missing and believed to be buried under the rubbles.

Among those trapped, The Times of Israel said, are 5 workers – three Palestinians and two Israelis. Two of the trapped workers are reportedly shouting for help as rescue workers dug to save them before time runs out.

Fifteen workers were initially rescued in the first hour following the accident, but authorities feared there could be more people trapped.

An official from the Yarkon District of the Tel Aviv Police said it may be complicated for the rescuers to reach the trapped survivors because a large part of the collapsed building is buried underground and a tunnel would be necessary to reach them.

“Several levels of the building collapsed. There’s still a danger of further collapse,” said Eran Yehuda, spokesman for the police. “I’m asking the public, the curious to leave the place. Dozens of vehicles of MDA and police are trying to gain access.”

Investigators initially blamed the collapse to a construction crane that fall. However, they are also looking into the possibility of a structural fail.

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) have been dispatched in the area to take control of the situation.