Person behind viral Official Gazette post being ‘harassed’ in social media

  • The person allegedly responsible for the viral Official Gazette post that irked netizens, decries being harassed in social media
  • It started when a lawyer Jesus Falcis tagged him and called him out for apparent conflict of interest in working for the Official Gazette post
  • Cabrera said he has already reported the incident to proper authorities

Marco Angelo Cabrera, the person allegedly responsible for the viral post of the Official Gazette about the birthday of former President Ferdinand Marcos, is now being harassed in social media.

The issue started when the Official Gazette posted a toned down story of former President Marcos’ celebration of his birthday; telling that Marcos “stepped down to avoid bloodshed.” The post irked netizens and received much criticism. Just a few moments after, the Official Gazette edited the post and removed mentions of Martial law. This further angered the netizens; with some accusing the gazette of historical revisionism.

A well-known public-interest lawyer, Atty. Jesus Falcis, took his insight to social media. He tagged Marco Cabrera; noting that the latter was a former employee of former Senator Bongbong Marcos. Cabrera confirmed that he works for the Gazette but did not clarify if he’s the one behind the post. Falcis said that there may be a conflict of interest with Cabrera working with a state-owned information medium. Falcis’ post in Facebook trended on social media.

Image Capture from post of Jesus Falcis via Facebook Account
Image Capture of post of Jesus Falcis via Facebook Account

Cabrera posted back, and said he’s now being a victim of “witchhunt of the media“. He added that he has been receiving “threats to his life and liberty.” Cabrera also clarified that his bosses in the Presidential Communications team is aware of his previous work with the younger Marcos.

Image Capture from Marco Angelo Cabrera va Facebook Account
Image Capture from Marco Angelo Cabrera via Facebook Account

However, Cabrera seems defiant. “I won’t allow myself to be harassed anymore,” he said. He even said he reported such threats to proper authorities.

Cabrera also thanked friends and families who remained supportive despite the flak he has been receiving.

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