Pinoy Aquaman swims in open water for cleaner seas

  • A lawyer by profession, Ingemar “Pinoy Aquaman” Macarine swims the open water to promote the conservation of the oceans
  • He successfully crossed the 5.7 kilometer Hilutungan channel within 2 hours
  • Earlier in August, he attempted to swim across the 33 kilometer English channel but had to cancel due to bad weather

An environmentalist and lawyer by day, Ingemar Macarine, goes by a different name once he gets into the open water. Dubbed as the ‘Pinoy Aquaman’, Macarine protects the seven seas from further destruction much like his aquatic Justice League member namesake.

Despite not having the same superpowers as the King of The Seven Seas, the open water  swimmer promotes the conservation of the oceans by crossing long distance channels.

In fact, earlier in August, the Pinoy Aquaman was set to swim across the English Channel which is 33 kilometers in length; starting from Dover, UK to Calais, France. However, his historic swim had to be cancelled due to inclement weather.

“It is unfortunate that I missed my chance of swimming the English Channel after one year of focused training, asthma attacks, left shoulder injury, time away from family and financial sacrifices,” he wrote on a Facebook post.  “I shall come back again next year for another try.”

This did not deter the Cebu-based swimmer as he sets about to cross another long distance channel in his aim to advocate cleaner seas in participation of the World Ocean Clean Up Day celebration.

He journeyed to cover the 5.7 kilometer distance from the Mactan Newtown beachfromt to Barangay Baring of Olanggo Island, known as the Hilutungan Channel, which earns him his 23rd successful open water swim.

He initially planned to make a two-way swim but decided against it due to the strong current in the channel. He also expressed disappointment over the amount of garbage floating in the channel.

“I just hope my swims for the environment will inspire our fellow countrymen to care more for our marine environment,” Macarine told Inquirer.