Pinoy ‘picks up’ Singaporean guy’s lost iPad, then begs for password to unlock device

  • A Singaporean guy claimed he lost his iPad last year
  • Just recently, he received a message from a Filipino netizen begging for the Apple ID password
  • It was not immediately known how the device ended up in the Philippines

A Singaporean guy lost his iPad last year and was shocked to learn that a Filipino had ‘picked’ it up and the latter had the gall to ask for the Apple ID password to unlock the device.

The story was shared on Singaporean website STOMP on Sunday, September 18.

According to the website, a man named Steven narrated he lost his iPad several months ago. It is not clear whether he lost it by accident or someone stole the unit.

Recently, however, Steven was dumbfounded after receiving a private message on Facebook from a Filipino netizen, supposedly asking for the password to open the tablet.

The message from one  J. J. read: “Good day sir…sir can I ask the password of your apple ID because I’m the one who picked up your broken ipad plsss sir so I can change the apple ID of this IPad…plsss sir I’m begging you.”

J.J. also first sent a request to Steven to add the latter as a friend on Facebook before sending the private message.

“The thief has the cheek to add me on Facebook and send me this,” the Singaporean told the STOMP.

It is not known how the iPad ended up with the man in the Philippines.

A commenter on the STOMP article has urged Steven to report the matter to the police although there is no guarantee that he could still recover his lost iPad from the man.

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