Pres. Duterte to intercede for Veloso, but willing to accept any decision from Indonesian president

  • President Duterte said he would plead to Indonesian President Joko Widodo for Mary Jane Veloso but would also accept any decision from Widodo
  • Mary Jane Veloso was supposed to be executed in April 2015 due to illegal possession of 2.6 kilograms of heroin but was put on hold at the last minute in order to make a testament against recruiter who she said duped her into carrying the drug
  • Duterte is set to fly to Indonesia on the 8th-9th of the month and might as well visit Veloso in jail

As he continue to serve the country with an iron fist, the Philippine President does not forget his duty to reach out to Filipino overseas workers.

He is known for his strong advocacy against criminals and for a country free from illegal drugs, but in Jane Veloso’s case, the OFW who was convicted for drug trafficking, Duterte will gratefully accept the Indonesian jury’s verdict whether she’s found guilty or not.

Duterte stated at a press conference on Monday in Davao City that he will personally meet Indonesian President Joko Widodo after the Association of Southest Asian Nations (ASEAN) SUMMIT 2016 to intervene and plead for the release of Jane Veloso who is about to face death penalty via firing squad.

However, Duterte regards the judiciary of Indonesia as credible; thus, whatever the result of the meeting he said he will accept it with respect; given that Veloso had already been given by the Indonesian jury an appeal for clemency.

“…if my pleadings will fall on deaf ears, I am ready to accept it,” Duterte said as per a GMA News story.

Veloso’s case sparked the news in the entire globe when the Indonesian authority found 2.6 kilograms of illegal drugs in her luggage at the Indonesian airport in 2010.

She pleaded and begged for the authority to free her from the charges; considering that she was just about to travel to Malaysia then and work as an overseas Filipino worker.

Her recruiters, namely Maria Cristina Sergio and Julius Lacanilao were allegedly responsible and that she herself had fallen victim to the crime.

About a year ago, Veloso was about to face her fate when the court trial released a sudden decision to restrain her execution.

The decision had given her an extended grace to defend herself against the charges and against her recruiters who are currently facing illegal recruitment trial in Nueva Ecija.

On September 8 to 9 Duterte is set to fly to Indonesia and might visit Veloso in jail.


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