Puerto Princesa suffers poor tourism due to ‘old school’ sights

  • Puerto Princesa is having an all-time low in terms of tourist traffic
  • This is due to the popularity of other Palawan sites such as Coron and El Nido
  • A study suggests that Puerto Princesa should improve the facilities of its existing sites

Palawan is considered as one of the go-to places for local and foreign tourists when traveling in the Philippines. It’s a paradise, as they say. But the capital of the Luzon Island – Puerto Princesa – it seems, is suffering from tourism losses.

Inquirer‘s Redempto Anda cited in his story a study commissioned by the US Agency International Development (USAID) two years ago. The study found that the city needs to improve its tourist facilities.

“The agency noted that the island-hopping tour on Honda Bay, the next major tourist draw after the Underground River, needed to have improved merchandising systems and better infrastructure to please visitors,” Anda wrote.

An executive of the local chamber of commerce also recommended that the local government must revamp the sites so that it would be at par with other destination not only in other parts of the Philippines but also in Palawan itself.

Puerto Princesa is currently competing with more appealing Palawan sites El Nido and Coron. Many frequent travelers say that the two are much worthy destinations if you are looking for an amusing beach trip.

Local boaters operating tours in Honda Bay – the most visited site in Puerto Princesa next to the underground river – said that their income has been pale since most tourists now prefer to go to El Nido, which is a 6-hour drive to the tip of the Palawan island.

Their fears of tourism losses are also heightened since a new airport in San Jose town is being constructed, which is much closer to El Nido.

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