Robredo: Duterte deserves our full support, country cannot afford another upheaval

  • Robredo reiterated her support for Duterte, said Filipinos should rally behind him
  • She denied any LP plan to oust Duterte, to personally bring it up with the president
  • She also said supporting Duterte doesn’t necessarily agreeing to everything he does

MANILA, Philippines – Despite their differences in opinion on some issues, Vice President Leni Robredo said her support for President Rodrigo Duterte has not wavered.

In an interview in Lapu-Lapu City, Robredo told Filipinos Duterte deserves all the support he can get because the country cannot afford to be plunged into another crisis.

“He’s our only President and he deserves our support. We can’t afford, as a country, to have another upheaval,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted her as saying.

Robredo also debunked Duterte’s claim of a plan by the Liberal Party (LP) to oust him and said she would personally take it up with the president to assure him of the non-existence of such a plot.

According to her, the LP hasn’t met as a party since the May elections.

“There are no moves from the Liberal Party to unseat the President. I plan to clarify this with the President to clear the misinformation and assure him of the party’s commitment to the reforms for the Filipino people,” she said.

The vice president also pointed to the LP’s coalition with the now-ruling PDP-Laban in the Senate and Congress as proof its willingness to support Duterte.

Robredo added that supporting the president does not necessarily mean agreeing to everything he says or does.

One such issue she hopes Duterte would study further is his call for US special forces to leave Mindanao.

“I think the President is really looking into this matter. He will decide accordingly. I think this is the President’s statement that shows we are seeking an independent foreign policy. It would be good for our country to pursue an independent foreign policy, but I just hope this wouldn’t be done in haste,” she said.