Senate witness: Paolo Duterte is a drug user

  • A witness claims that Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte is a drug user
  • Edgar Matobato claims that he was an escort of the presidential son since he was a kid
  • Matobato confessed that he is part of the Davao Death Squad

A witness during the Senate probe on extrajudicial killings revealed that presidential son and Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte is a drug user.

Edgar Matobato, who claims to be a member of the controversial Davao Death Squad said that he used to escort the son of President Rodrigo Duterte since he was still young.

“Si Paolo Duterte gumagamit ng drugs. Gumagamit lang siya ng shabu pero hindi siya nagtutulak,” Matobato told senators during the hearing. “Kapag lulong sa droga si Paolo nagwawala siya.”

[Paolo Duterte is a drug user. He is a shabu user, but is not a pusher. He throws tantrums when he’s high on drugs.]

Matobato also accused the presidential son with illegal smuggling and protecting Chinese drug lords in Davao City.

President Duterte is known for his hardline stance against illegal drugs. Since he assumed the Presidency, he has declared a war against drugs, which was believed to cause 3,000 deaths perpetrated by the police and vigilantes.

Matobato also claimed that Duterte previously ordered the ambush of Senator Leila de Lima who was the Commission on Human Rights Chairperson investigating the Davao City killings.

Aside from these claims, Matobato also said that Paolo ordered the killing of businessman Richard King in 2014. Matobato said the order was because Paolo and King were arguing over a woman.

The Cebuano businessman is the owner of the Crown Regency Group of Hotels. He was shot dead in Davao City on independence day in 2014.

Paolo, for his part, defended his innocence from the strong allegations raised during the Senate hearing.

“What de Lima and this certain Matobato say in public are bare allegations in the absence of proof. They are mere hearsay. I will not dignify with an answer the accusations of a madman,” he said in a statement.