#SubwayDoodle: Artist creatively adds monsters on photos taken on a subway

  • A Brooklynite artist is creatively adding monsters on photos taken on a subway
  • Ben Rubin has been doing the art during the past four years
  • Rubin posts his masterpieces on Instagram and Facebook under the name Subway Doodle

A Brooklynite artist has been creatively adding monsters on photographs that are taken on  the subway for the past four years now.

In an article written by Keri Blakinger of NY Daily News, it was disclosed artist Ben Rubin has been making good use of his subway time while snapping pictures of his fellow riders; and then digitally draws fantastical animals and monsters into the frame.

Rubin, who describes his drawings as a “compulsion,” uses an iPad drawing app to edit his subway snaps. The 45-year-old artist offers playful visual commentary on the personal hazards of riding the subway. He posts his creations on Instagram and Facebook using the name Subway Doodle.

“Some of the pieces are observations on everybody experiences day to day — you look around and see these crazy weird creatures you’re stuck in a train car with,” he said.

While some of his funniest work offers commentary, he said it all started “out of sheer boredom.”

“I got an iPad and it was just an activity to do on the subway,” he said. “I took a picture with it and started doodling and it became a thing.”

Rubin said he has been drawing monsters since kindergarten, when he remembers creating an “awesome picture of Godzilla.”

As of posting, the Subway Doodle already has more than 42,900 followers on Instagram and has over 3,600 likes on his Facebook page.

To see more of his masterpieces, one may view his Instagram and Facebook pages.