Take Note: Some habits do not help reduce belly fat!

  • Sadly, there are habits that do not help in reducing belly fat
  • A bit of belly pooch is good because it protects the stomach, intestines, and delicate organs
  • But too much is not good as it can cause peril to one’s health

All the while we thought we were on the right track! But turns out there are habits which offers little help in reducing our belly fat.

A ‘heavy’ feeling, an eyesore, distressful — these are just a few words to describe that extra big pouch we have. If it’s any consolation, it’s not that bad to have a bit of a belly pooch.

Interestingly, Merla Fernandez of  Philippine Entertainment Portal shared that having a bit of belly pooch is actually good because it protects the stomach, intestines, and other delicate organs, according to Health.com. However, too much of it could be hazardous because it can cause health problems like heart disease and diabetes.

With this, it is important to know what items do not reduce belly fats.

The Usual crunches

It was disclosed that the usual crunches strengthen belly muscles, but do not really reduce fats.

At least 250 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise or 125 minutes of high-intensity exercise every week is recommended.

White bread and crackers

White bread and crackers cause inflammation. Health experts recommend whole grains instead of refined grains.

With this, people who want to skip rice are advised to go for brown rice.

Green tea

It was noted that sipping green tea does not do anything to one’s belly.

One has to drink about seven cups of green tea to match the level of catechins; an antioxidant compound thought to be responsible for tea’s fat-burning potential.

Eggplant and cabbage

Eggplant and cabbage should not be categorized under “no-no veggies for belly”.

To note, an element called saponin found in eggplant noticeably decreases the absorption of fat, while cabbage is actually rich in fiber.

Fruit dessert

Those who make fruits a part of their meal, thinking it’s a better option over cake or muffin, must remember two things.

First, it can cause bloating if eaten after a meal.

Second, it must be eaten alone and at least an hour before a meal.

Well, maybe it’s time to really look for those effective habits!