‘Tattooed’ UP grad decries discrimination at a Naga City bank

  • A woman claiming to be a UP graduate decries discrimination she suffered at the hands of bank security guard in Naga City
  • She said she was stopped by the guard at least two times while looking at her tattoos
  • The sad experience made her feel so ‘small’ and to think that it happened in her hometown

MANILA, Philippines – A young mother has decried the alleged discrimination she suffered at the hands of a security guard of a bank in Naga City. Her viral story was shared on the Facebook page “Think Ink” last September 7.

According to the unnamed woman, who claims to be a teacher and a graduate of the University of the Philippines (UP), she was stopped by the security guard of the RCBC-Naga branch at least two times.

“This security guard stopped me twice from entering their bank and that was foul. 1st attempt to enter, He questioned me if i have money. Hmm, in the first place I was asking if i can open an account and do online transfer so it’s self-explanatory,” she narrated.

When she said yes, she do have the money, she was again prevented from entering the premises for the second time by another guard. (Read her message in the next page)

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  1. Hmmmm…After reading her whole story, I think she over reacted a bit. I myself have several tattoos, a shaved head and a piercing but have not experienced this type of discrimination anywhere. I think being a woman with skin art, she like most of the other tattooed girls gets a double take because let’s face it there are still tons of ignoramuses who are not used to seeing a girl with “ink”. On her FB post she is also quite attractive and those guards are just probably guilty of being “manyaks” rather than being prejudiced towards tattooed people.

    What’s not right is asking anybody entering a bank if they have money. She could have requested for the bank manager and filed a complaint.

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