‘Tattooed’ UP grad decries discrimination at a Naga City bank

The second time 

Image capture of Think Ink Facebook post
Image capture of Think Ink Facebook post

“…to my surprise when i tried to enter the 2nd time he stopped the guard that holds the door from opening then he ask about my id’s with unsure face while staring at my inks,” the sharer said.

It was obvious, she said, that the guard was in doubt of her; and to think that it happened in her very own hometown made her feel so ‘small’ at that moment.

Gathering her composure, the woman recalled, she looked straight into the guard’s eyes and blurted out: “Yes kuya! May ID ako, me passport ako, me PRC ako lisensya ‘yun kuya teacher ako..Up grad ako bka need mo diploma..anu pa kuya? Grabe ka kuya ha makapanghusga ka ng tao..tandaan nyo yang ginawa nyo..!”

[Yes, sir! I have ID, passport, I have a PRC license because I’m a teacher. I’m a UP grad, do you need a diploma…what else? This is absurd, how quickly you judge people…make sure to remember what you did to me…!]

Her message

Teary eyed, the woman said, she left in a hurry without looking back and went straight to the Security Bank just opposite the RCBC. There, she was assisted and attended to by a bank officer without any hassle.

In the end, this is her message in sharing her experience:  “Yes, I have a lot of tattoos but I am not a troublemaker. People always gave people label in the way they look and even in everything we do. Just go ahead and let them create labels because I don’t give a [expletives]. Come and judge me but make sure you have better credentials than I am.”

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  1. Hmmmm…After reading her whole story, I think she over reacted a bit. I myself have several tattoos, a shaved head and a piercing but have not experienced this type of discrimination anywhere. I think being a woman with skin art, she like most of the other tattooed girls gets a double take because let’s face it there are still tons of ignoramuses who are not used to seeing a girl with “ink”. On her FB post she is also quite attractive and those guards are just probably guilty of being “manyaks” rather than being prejudiced towards tattooed people.

    What’s not right is asking anybody entering a bank if they have money. She could have requested for the bank manager and filed a complaint.

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