Teen known as Dr. Love faces multiple charges for posing as a doctor, arrested while trying to purchase a Jaguar

  • A Florida teenager was arrested for posing as a doctor and attempting to fraudulently purchase a Jaguar
  • The car dealership employee got suspicious and decided to Google the teen’s name and learned about his earlier arrests
  • He will be facing multiple fraud type charges and is currently held in Rappahannock Regional Jail 

A Florida teen made headlines earlier this year for posing as a medical doctor and even opened his own clinic before authorities arrested him on suspicion of practicing medicine without a license.

19-year-old Malachi Love-Robinson, who calls himself “Dr. Love”, found himself in legal trouble again for his bizarre notoriety this time for allegedly committing fraud in trying to buy a Jaguar at a car dealership.

Authorities said  the teen walked into a Virginia car dealership and tried to buy the $35,000 car, as per an article published by CNN. Love-Robinson listed his accompanying elderly woman, whom he described as his godmother, as the co-signer.

The dealership employee got suspicious of some of the statements made by the teen, decided to look him up on the internet, and alerted the authorities.

“They Googled his name and found that a subject with the same name had been arrested numerous times on fraud type charges,” Stafford County Sheriff’s Office said.

The unnamed elderly woman later told the local law enforcement officials that she had not given Love-Robinson permission to use her as a co-signer and was surprised when the deputy showed her the credit application made by the teen which listed her social security number.

The teenager also made a $1,200 charge for two iPads and mobile phone under the elderly woman’s name, a purchase she was unaware of.

Love-Robinson has been taken into custody and being held in Rappahannock Regional Jail in Stafford, Virginia, as per an article published by Time.  The Florida teen is facing fraud type charges such as false statement to obtain credit, obtaining money by false pretenses, and identity fraud.


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