Tatay Digong admits crying over losing two of daughter Inday Sara’s triplets

  • Despite his tough image, President Duterte admitted he cried in private when he learned that two of his daughter Sara’s triplets have no heartbeats
  • The President was in Laos PDR for the ASEAN Leaders’ meeting when he learned of the sad news
  • Netizens became emotional too when President Duterte admitted he cried because of the loss of would-be presidential grandchildren

Even the toughest man in the country has his soft spots.

President Rodrigo Duterte, widely acclaimed as “The Punisher” in the world stage, has admitted he cried in the bathroom when he learned that he lost two of his would-be grandchildren.

This is a deviation to his very tough image portrayed in mainstream and local media. Prior to this incident, Duterte was last seen crying in front of his mother’s grave early morning after election day, when he learned he was winning the polls.

Earlier last month, Presidential daughter and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte announced that she has conceived triplets. The news excited not just her constituents in Davao but also the millions of Duterte supporters around the world. But last week, she said two of the triplets has no heartbeat.

President Duterte was in Laos PDR for the ASEAN Summit when he learned about the news. In a news conference, he admitted he went to the bathroom and cried.

Netizens too, became emotional and mourned with the first family’s loss. It would have been a beautiful moment in Duterte’s presidency if he saw his triplet grandkids.

Sara is President Duterte’s child with former wife Elizabeth Zimmerman, with whom he also has two sons – now Davao City’s Vice Mayor Paolo and heartthrob Baste. He also has a young daughter, nicknamed Kitty, with now common-law wife Honeylet Avancena.