Tricia Centenera opens up on separation with estranged hubby Gabriel Valenciano

  • Gab Valenciano’s wife gave snippets of her estrangement from US-based artist
  • She said Valenciano has been emotionally abusive towards her, is asking for a divorce
  • In-laws supporting Centenera amid marital rift

MANILA, Philippines – Blogger and model Tricia Centenera opened up on her reported split with husband Gabriel Valenciano amid rumors of a third party ruining their marriage.

In an interview with ABS-CBN, Centenera confirmed that Valenciano was indeed asking for a divorce but stressed that he was the emotionally abusive and unfaithful one between them.

While refusing to confirm the identities of the women her husband allegedly cavorted with, Centenera said her relationship with Valenciano’s family remains the same.

“Paolo, Sam, Kiana, Mama and Papa, they’ll always be my family. You know, Gab and I will be what we will be,” Sun Star quoted her as saying.

For his part, Gabriel’s brother Paolo said their family is supporting Centenera.

“We don’t look at her as sister-in-law, parang sister na talaga siya. Even my dad has been very supportive of her. We really try our best to make sure that she gets through this in one piece,” he said. “You know, Gab is clearly going through something. From our end naman, we want to be supportive of Tricia because she’s here without her family. Her whole family is in Australia.”

“Whatever happens to the two of them, we made it clear to Tricia that we’ll be here for her. Sam and I are going to be there to support them. Whatever Gab decides or whatever they both decide, we’ll be there for the two of them. But Tricia is definitely family na,” he added. “We’ve gone through a lot of problems as a family and I’m quite confident that we’ll get through this also. It’s tough, you know. We can’t really do something about that. It’s life.”