Truly Heartwarming! 400 Students, faculty serenade well-loved teacher battling cancer

  • A high school teacher of Latin and Bible studies at Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville, Tennessee has been battling cancer since 2008
  • Hundreds of students and faculty members sang worship song to Ben Ellis
  • Ben Ellis is defined as a role model and servant to the Academy

400 high school students and faculty of Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville, Tennessee gathered together to sing hymns for Ben Ellis, a teacher of Latin and Bible studies, who is fighting life-threatening cancer.

Ben Ellis has been battling cancer since 2008. After hearing that Ellis’ condition was getting worst, the students and faculty members went to Ellis’ house to sing songs of worship.

A heartfelt surprise!

A full force of love and support from the academy made the entire student body and high school faculty drive over to Ellis’ residence to express that their thoughts and prayers are with him.

According to reports, “Ellis has the definition of a teacher, a role model, a servant. Ellis is full of hope, joy, and peace that made the students love him.

According to Leslie Ponder, who works at the school and shared the photo of the event on Facebook, it was the decision of the students to go to Ellis’ house themselves.

Ponder noted that this is one of the many things she loves about CPA. The academy will stop “education” for a bigger lesson: a lesson of life, of love, of compassion, of a community. Students learned more than they would have in a classroom. She also extended her support by asking for prayers for the Ellis family.

It was musician Tim McGraw who initially shared a video copy on social media which has gone viral; reaching over 29 million views as of posting!

He wrote: “A friend sent this to me today. Ben Ellis is a Nashville area high school teacher battling cancer. The entire student body (400+ students plus HS faculty) drove to his house to worship with him. Our thoughts and Prayers are with him and his family….. So precious and kind.”