[Video] Amazing boy grows hair for 2 years to give to kids battling cancer!

  • The story of seven-year-old boy who decided to save his hair for two years for a grand cause goes viral
  • Thomas Moore had his hair cut after a long time and donated it to cancer patients
  • Moore started the project after he saw his mom watching a video of a girl who lost her hair after chemotherapy

After he saw his mom watching a Facebook video of a girl who lost her hair to cancer, eight-year-old Thomas Moore started a project for those who got bald after having chemotherapy — literally giving a part of himself to them.

The boy was, apparently, so touched over a video of a girl who got bald because of cancer treatment, so he decided to grow his hair for two years to help patients.

As per a Bored Panda story, the kid grew a pretty impressive amount of hair in those two years; enough to make three wigs!

Thomas’ aunt, Amber Ray, posted a before-and-after picture on Twitter; captioning the photo with: “My nephew grew his hair out for two years to donate to kids with cancer.”

Her tweet went viral and has already generated nearly 61,000 retweets and over 120k favorites as of posting.

Sadly, the young girl in the Facebook video, Kyssi Andrews, has died. Her mother, Marla, on the other hand, praised Thomas’ “brave” and “selfless” act.

“To know that my sweet angel Kyssi is still an inspiration, even in her absence from the earth makes me one proud mom,” Marla wrote.

Meanwhile, Thomas’ mother Angilea Pulos expressed how proud she is.

“Myyyy baby! I’m so proud of him!” she wrote on Facebook. “He’s breathing all hard and smiling so BIG right now!”

Moreover, Mashable shared that retired NBA player Derek Anderson’s foundation was bestowing an Acts of Kindness award on Thomas as divulged by the proud mom. The young boy will be presented with the award on the 14th of October at a gala at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

A deed worth inspiring more people!