[Trailer] Anne, Dennis and Paolo in ‘Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo May Boyfriend’ coming soon

  • Anne Curtis, Dennis Trillo, and Paolo Ballesteros are set to appear in a film together
  • Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo May Boyfriend?  is about a girl who always ends up dating gay men
  • The movie is directed by Jun Robles Lana under Viva Films

If you think the gym is home only to macho men who are oozing with testosterone and masculinity, you might want to take a closer look because not everything on the surface is what it seems to be.

This is the warning Anne Curtis gives in the trailer to her new movie which she stars alongside Dennis Trillo and Paolo Ballesteros.

The movie titled Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo May Boyfriend?  which literally translates to “Why Do All Handsome Men have Boyfriends?” follows the story of Kyrie; the character played by Curtis who happens to fall in love with gay men.

Ako si Kyrie, ang babaeng sinumpa na lahat ng naging boyfriend ay puro gwapo pero puro beki, bakla, bading, bekibels, baklush. Ayoko na! [I am Kyrie, the woman who was cursed to have boyfriends who are all handsome but turned out to be all gay. I can’t take it anymore!]” she explains in the trailer released on YouTube.

In the trailer, Kyrie gives a checklist of things for girls to watch out for when checking out guys in the gym, just to make sure these guys aren’t searching for other guys too.

Gwapo ba ang hanap mo? Ang tanong, ikaw ba ang hanap nila? Paano mo nga ba malalaman kung yung bet mong gwapo ay isang badingers din pala? [Are you looking for a handsome man? The question is, are you also the one they are looking for? How do you know that the handsome guy you like is also a gay man?]” she asks.

Among the “red flags” to look out for she says includes guys wearing cycling shorts in the gym, spending hours just to post selfies on Instagram, and having that unique “gaze” when looking at other men.

But comes the macho character played by Trillo. The signs point out that he isn’t one of the guys she had fallen for before, but will he end up disappointing her too?

The audience can find out during the premiere of Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo May Boyfriend? coming out soon.

The film is directed by Jun Robles Lana, under Viva Films.

Meanwhile, the lovely Anne Curtis sure got a lot of thumbs up on her Facebook posted vid on Friday.

Watch the trailer here: