VIDEO: F4 sings ‘Meteor Rain’ at Ken Chu’s wedding reception

  • Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu attended the wedding of their F4 bandmate Ken Chu to Han Wenwen
  • The three of them sang one of their hit songs, “Meteor Rain”
  • Vic Zhou wasn’t able to attend because he celebrated his daughter’s first month of birth

MANILA, Philippines – Guests at the reception of Ken Chu and Chinese actress Han Wenwen’s wedding in Bali, Indonesia witnessed a rare moment as the groom and his longtime friends, Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu, gave them a special treat.

The three Taiwanese stars were members of the iconic boy band ‘F4’ and co-stars in the phenomenal TV series “Meteor Garden”.

As seen on a viral video uploaded on Ken Chu’s Facebook fan page (Ken Chu International Fans Club (KCIFC) Thailand), Ken, Jerry and Van Ness sang one of their hit songs, “Meteor Rain”, to the delight of the wedding guests, who joined them in singing.

According to an article published by Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), their other bandmate and “Meteor Garden” c0-star, Vic Zhou, wasn’t able to make it at Ken’s wedding because he celebrated his daughter’s first month of birth with his wife Reen Yu.

Ken hugged and thanked Jerry and Vanness for attending his special day.

F4 was formed in 2001 after the success of “Meteor Garden”. They released two albums (Meteor Rain in 2001 and Fantasy 4ever in 2002) and embarked on an Asian tour in 2003 before going on an unannounced hiatus as the members began to focus on their solo careers.

In 2007, due to copyright issues, the band changed its name to “JVKV”, using the initials of the four members. Afterwards, they released their third album, “Waiting For You”.

In January 2013, the group performed all together for the first time after several years in the Jiangsu Satellite TV’s Spring Gala Festival; a popular Chinese New Year show.

They performed two of their hit songs, “Meteor Shower” and “At The First Place”.

Watch the video of Jerry, Vanness and Ken singing “Meteor Rain” here.