[Video] Massive cow-eating crocodile captured by police, but a bigger one is still on the loose

  • A huge crocodile which had been feasting on local livestock was captured in Australia
  • Northern Territory Police and rangers from Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife used a trap to capture the beast
  • The police warned that a much larger one is still lurking in the waters

A gigantic crocodile measuring 14 feet believed to be terrorizing farms in Australia’s Northern territories has been captured by police.

The gigantic beast, according to the Mirror, was captured by police in a watering hole south of Darwin City after reports of cattle being eaten.

On its Facebook page, the Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services shared a video showing the battle between the huge crocodile and the rangers from the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife.

The police and the park rangers used a trap to capture the animal and to limit its movement once inside. They snared the crocodile’s jaws using ropes and dragged the reptile into the ground. The beast was seen flailing about and almost succeeded in breaking free as the rangers pulled it ashore.

“Just another day in the outback for NT Police and Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife,” the police wrote on its Facebook page.

Northern Territory Police Remote Sgt. Mark Berry said the crocodile was sent to a local farm where it will be assessed.

Berry said the trap used to capture the huge reptile would be left in the water because there had been reports that a much bigger crocodile is still lurking in the depths.

Here’s the video of the gigantic crocodile’s capture:

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