[Video] New Yorkers gather to support PDU30, believe in him as PH’s only hope

  • New Yorkers gathered at the Philippine Consulate in NY to show support to President Rodrigo Duterte
  • The rallyists believe him to be the Philippines’ only hope
  • #PartnerforChangeNY’s organized rally gave prayers to the victims of the Davao bombing

Supporters of the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte gathered in front of the Philippine Consulate in New York to peacefully give their support to the campaigns and programs of the current administration.

Jeanette Bacobo Marco and Emma Lapinig Alamin Weiss each posted a live video of the peaceful rally on Facebook, September 9.

According to Bacobo on her video post, the gathering was intended to show support on Duterte’s war on drugs, terrorism and criminality.

#PartnerforChangeNY organized the gathering which also aims to support United West, human rights, and the president himself; intended too to help give prayers to the victims of the Davao bombing so they will get justice.

The New Yorkers, as per Pinoy Trending, believe Duterte is the country’s only hope; admire his accomplishments in Davao City.

The rallyists believe Duterte is protecting the interest of the law-abiding citizens of the Philippines on his campaign on drugs.

This is contrary to the appeal of the anti-Duterte supporters who gathered themselves last month on the same place condemning alleged human right violations of the president.

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