[Video] No regrets: Trillanes explains why he shut off Cayetano’s microphone

  • Senator explained why he turned off rival solon’s microphone during heated exchange
  • He said Cayetano was out of order and speaking way beyond his allotted time
  • He questioned Cayetano’s motive, said he just wanted to consume time as a diversion

MANILA, Philippines – In the aftermath of their heated exchange during the Senate hearing on the spate of alleged extrajudicial killings, Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV explained why he shut off Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano’s microphone.

According to Trillanes, he had to do it because Cayetano was speaking out of turn and way beyond his allotted time.

“”Hindi po ako nagsisisi. Kasi ganito po ang konteksto niyan eh. Nagiging out of order na siya. Kailangan kong gawin ‘yon para hindi sila nagsasabayan ni Sen. de Lima,” he told GMA News.

[I have no regrets. This is the context of what happened. He was out of order. I needed to do that to prevent him from speaking at the same time with Sen. de Lima.]

Trillanes, who said De Lima was unfamiliar with the master switch that would have let her turn off Cayetano’s microphone on her own, also accused Cayetano of using up the time questioning alleged Davao Death Squad (DDS) member Edgar Matobato as a diversionary tactic.

“Alam ko ‘yung intention niya. Gusto niyang ikonsumo ‘yung oras ng committee, para malihis ang atensyon,” he said. “Isang oras ang pagtatanong niya.”

[I know his intention. He wanted to consume the committee’s time, to divert attention. His questioning took an hour.]

Seated beside each other during the hearing, Trillanes and Cayetano took potshots at each other even during the two-minute break called by De Lima.

The tension only ended after Cayetano finally left and took a seat farther from Trillanes.