[Video] The Voice contestant wows Alicia Keys with singer’s ‘If I Ain’t Got You’

  • An auditionee for The Voice sings ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ with Alicia Keys as judge
  • Alicia quickly turned around, captured by her rendition
  • She also ran towards the contestant after the rendition and hugged her

What will happen if an auditonee sings a song of an artist and the artist happens to be one of the judges?

Well, as it turns out in an episode of The Voice, the contestant scores the audition and gets a hug!

Lauren Diaz must have mustered all courage to go up the stage and sing “If I Ain’t Got You” with the singer Alicia Keys listening as one of the judges.

In the video uploaded by NBC, Lauren started the first few notes of the song and Alicia was already caught in the moment. Alicia, so captured with Lauren’s rendition, turned around in the first few stanzas of the piece and told her: “Sing! Sing!”

Other judges Miley Cyrus and Blake Shelton also turned around. Adam Levine didn’t bother as he explained later on: “The fact that you sang an Alicia Keys song and then she was the one first, it’s over, it’s done.”

Meanwhile, after the song, Alicia quickly went towards Lauren and hugged her.

“It’s the icing of the cake – the hug, it’s over,” said Adam.

While Miley said that she turned around for fun, knowing that Lauren will pick Alicia as coach, Blake pressed that she choose him.

“I’m willing to make an ass out of myself to show you how badly I want to be your coach.”

Alicia, however, kept on fighting to become Lauren’s mentor. “If you decide to choose anybody else, I will say absolutely not, I will go kicking and screaming.”

She then wooed her by singing: “Everything means nothing, if I ain’t got you, Lauren.”

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