VIRAL: Blind dog gets awesome guide! Guess who?

  • A viral video of a blind dog, Hoshi, has been circulating in social media because he got an awesome guide, Zen
  • Zen is a puppy who is Hoshi’s best friend – they never leave each other’s sides
  • They swim, sleep, play, and cuddle at night

A number of blind persons have been known to have loyal dogs as guide. How about if it’s a dog who’s blind?

Well, a cute blind dog named Hoshi is becoming popular on Facebook because of its intimate relationship with its guide.

A video of the blind dog was recently posted by the Daily Mail; showing his close ‘friendship’ with a puppy named Zen. Apparently, Hoshi’s eyes were removed when he was 11, and since then, Zen has been guiding him wherever they go.

The video shows Zen leading Hoshi in a joint leash. They even play, swim, and run together. Puppy Zen does not leave Hoshi to make sure he is safe.

According to their owner, Zen protects Hoshi even if at times they have separate leashes. They are so sweet they even sleep together and cuddle at night!

Netizens found the video cute and heartwarming. As of posting, the video has been viewed more than 26 million times and shared almost half a million times.

Some netizens even shared stories about their blind dogs, and how they even get to make their humans happy despite not having the sense of sight.

This just goes to show that dogs aren’t just man’s best friend. They are also their fellow dogs’ best friends!

Let’s watch:

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