VIRAL: Man enters x-ray baggage scanner on his first airport visit

  • A man visits an airport for the first time, passes through x-ray baggage scanner
  • Netizens expressed their concern about the amount of radiation he went through
  • Video is yet to be confirmed if it is authentic or done as a publicity stunt

What happens when a man visits an airport for the first time?

A CCTV footage posted by DJ SADIC has been going viral in social media when an airport-first timer passed through the x-ray baggage machine found in airport entrances.

Based from the video, the seemingly Arab man walked through the normal ‘human’ entrance but was apprehended by the guards when they noticed that he did not put his luggage through the x-ray scanner. Hence, they ordered the still unidentified man to go back to have his bag checked.

However, the man did not seem to understand the instructions and instead entered through the x-ray scanner. The airport authorities seemed shocked after the incident.

Some netizens found the video funny, but some expressed worry about the amount of radiation he must have gone through. One netizen noted that x-ray machines in airports do not release as much radiation as those found in hospitals.

Most airports have installed x-ray baggage scanners in their entrances which are big enough to accommodate bulky baggages. But humans are normally strictly prohibited to enter the machines.

Based from the CCTV’s timestamp, it was taken this year but the exact date was cropped out of the video. It is also uncertain where it happened but the video bears the “Afghanistan” locator stamp.

DJ Sadic also did not clarify if the video was authentic or if it was done for fun or for a publicity stunt.

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