Viral: Meet Rondilla, QC’s Jolly ‘Elevator Tita’

  • QC Hall’s Elevator Tita was featured in Bandila
  • Elevator Tita is known for entertaining passengers with songs and some dance moves
  • She has an interesting story behind her work and sacrifice

Quezon City Hall’s elevator operator Tita Rondilla, popularly known as Elevator Tita, was featured in the ‘patok’ segment of ABS-CBN’s midnight newscast Bandila.

Rondilla has been known for entertaining her passengers with songs and some dance moves.

“Parang nakalilimutan mong mayroon kang mga haharaping mabibigat na trabaho. Masaya dito sa elevator eh.” said one of her customers via ABS-CBN News‘ interview.

[It makes me forget the prospect of hard work. There’s a happy ambiance inside the elevator.]

Another compliments her music which is sometimes accompanied by dance moves: “May kasama pang sayaw eh. Lalo na pag nagpatugtog ‘yan [ng] magagandang music”

The now-grandmother Rondilla has been in the elevator work for 43 years, since 1973, for eight hours per day. She said she experience back pains but she loves her work.

She also tells an interesting story behind her hard work and sacrifice; saying her work served as her livelihood in bringing up her children since her husband left them for another woman when their children were still young.

Despite changes in the administration, she has remained at the elevator duty and added that her work has its perks as she gets to meet personalities and celebrities up close.

Elevator Tita has an advice for the youth who easily get bored and leave work: have focus and find an inspiration.

The elevator operator is scheduled to retire next year and looks forward to enjoying her grand children.

Let’s take a look at Elevator Tita’s life in the lift:

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